As part of re-launching this blog, I wanted to kick things off by providing you with some signposts for what you can expect going forward. I know that you’re giving me a precious resource – your time and attention. So I want to make sure that I provide value back to you in trade.So now that I’m past a crazy period of hurricanes, conferences, and surgeries. I’m going to commit that I’ll be publishing new content at least once a week going forward.

This new content will typically fall into one of three categories:

Exploring the new wave of how we as humans will interact with technology and data

After Hurricane Irma, I now have intimate experience with watching an impending storm. You know it’s coming but the exact when and where are always shifting until it’s right on top of you.

In the same way, I see another incoming storm. We’re on the edge of an explosion in human-computer interaction technologies. For too long we have been chained to devices to access digital information. But technologies such as Voice interfaces, Augmented / Virtual reality, Gaze detection and ambient computing are about to change that. Digital information will soon permeate every aspect of our lives – seamlessly blending the digital and the real world.

I’m genuinely worried that most people and businesses aren’t preparing for the changes that are coming and so you can expect that we’ll spend some time talking about them and more importantly how you can prepare for them.

Making complex technologies easier to understand

Continuing the storm analogy, many people become afraid when a storm passes through. But Storms also bring opportunities to those who are willing to venture out. Surfers become thrilled to go out and ride the best waves that the storm brings on shore. Divers know that the turbulence of the storm always reveals new treasures that will be ready to be discovered and claimed.

In the same vein, I want to help prepare you to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the coming storm. So I’ll be sharing tutorials, tips, and best practices when working with technologies such as Augmented / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Voice interfaces. Of course, in order to take advantange of those we’ll also have to talk about best practices for how to design architectures and API’s to support these technologies.

Making Life simpler with Technology

Technology can’t exist for its own sake. So being someone that’s immersed in these technologies and always trying out the latest and greatest. I also want to share my thoughts and reviews about different examples of these that I’m trying out in my personal life to see if they can pass a simple test.

Do they actually make my life better?

I’ll share my experiences with home automation, smart devices, and new consumer technologies as well as what worked or didn’t work.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ll stick around. In my next post we’ll dig deeper into the coming storm and explore what are the technologies that you will be impacted by shortly.

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