About Me
Eldon Alameda is a professional web developer in the midwest. He is the author of two Ruby on Rails books (Practical Rails Projects and Foundation Rails 2 ) and was the technical reviewer for books such as Beginning Rails 3

This blog is a collection of thoughts, reviews and tutorials on web development, Ruby, Rails, jQuery and other related technologies.

Changing Course

It's the end of the decade and as always it's the perfect time to reflect upon my own life and determine how things are "really" going as well as committing to make the necessary course corrections.

As such as I've spent of lot of time lately contemplating to see if deep down I'm actually happy with the direction that my life and career are heading. Unfortunately for me - I'm not sure that they are.

That's not to say that the last year has been a failure. There have been quite a number of positive changes that I've made in the last year. I’ve received a fair share of extremely positive feedback and recognition both professionally and personally this year. I was able to successfully end some professional and personal relationships that were draining me.  I was able to take the family on another vacation enjoying both Disney World and our first cruise together. I’ve learned that I really like mixed drinks with Patron in them. I was also able to find and begin work on learning a new hobby (but more on that in some future post).

Now I'm not a big believer in "New Years Resolutions", preferring instead to focus on goals (1 year, 5 year, etc), but when life itself needs some radical changes it requires going beyond just simple goal setting. As such - I present below (for accountability) some of the ideals and goals for the next year that I will be using to make a life course correction.

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Ruby Learning Book Promotion

Quick update that I'll be spending some time this week in the forums at the Ruby Learning site answering questions about my Foundation Rails 2 book. If you register on the forums there and participate in the conversation this week, you might even be able to win a copy of the book.

In the meantime, I completed a short Q&A / Interview for the promotion that was posted earlier this evening. Considering how bad of a mood I was in this weekend (due to having to fix some truly god-awful code), I think I was still able to come across semi-normal.



Blog Update

Well it's been a crazy couple of months for me since I first started the work of moving everything to the new blog. I've actually been promoted twice(!) at my employer in that short period of time. First I was promoted to the position of Architect. Then a few weeks ago, we broke up our engineering team into several streams and I was put in charge of the Core Product Development team - which basically means that I get to work solely on all the cool stuff. All of this happens during really interesting times for our little startup as we're working on some really exciting stuff and with some great companies.

The downfall to all of that is that this poor little blog has been neglected right out of the gate.

But I'm back now and ready to start posting about some of the trials, tribulations and hard-earned lessons that I've experienced as a web developer. I've just killed the old blog and initiated a re-direct for the old domain name to point to here. This week I'll be posting some of my personal philosophies about programming as well as some of my frustrations of what I have to deal with when interviewing potential Rails developers to join my team.

It's about to get fun (finally!)


Simplifying FAQ's with jQuery

To kick things off here on the new blog with a little code - I thought I'd share a quick refactoring that I did recently.

You see at my current employer, I've inherited a crap-load of legacy code that was written by a large number of developers of various skill levels. So every day is a bit of an adventure where one day I'm pleasantly surprised by how well some functionality was designed and written - and other days.....

Well let's just say that some sections of the code make me want to rip my own eyeballs out of my skull.

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Being Premature

Well crap - I was hoping to hold off on letting any links out to this site until after I had finished touching up all the CSS and optimizing the layout of things a bit more. 

But the Ruby Learning blog just listed my old blog site this morning in their post of the 50+ Ruby-related blogs to read. So guess I need to let the cat out of the bag a little prematurely with the new blog. 

Right now - I'm researching client-side solutions for code highlighting so I can post up a couple simple tutorials and I already have a couple drafts started for some opinion pieces on how to become a better developer. So please add me to your RSS feeds or keep checking back as some real content should start flowing here in the near future.